Your problem is obscurity.


Rafeh Qazi went from $0 to $33,000/month in his first online business. 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and 100,000+ email list. All this in only 18 months. Now he’s decided to do 1-on-1 consulting with a few clients to help them double or even triple their business’s leads, revenue, and impact in 6-12 months.


You already have a successful product or service, let me help you build a powerhouse lead engine. I’ll help you leverage YouTube to overcome obscurity, build a tribe of raving fans, and get high quality buyers. This will help you double or triple your business' revenue, leads, and impact in record time. A totally authentic brand that is completely organic and is not dependent whatsoever on paid traffic.

Why should you work with me?

You should ask if the person you’re gonna work with has a REAL business outside of the Make Money Online space. Most are “internet gurus”, or coaches who coach other coaches on how to coach.

Put it simply, ask is this person making an income outside of just coaching other people on how to make more income?

I’m the real deal & I live, breathe, and practice what I preach. I’m all in when it comes to my Clever Programmer business and have made it a wildly successful & highly profitable business that continues to grow on autopilot by leveraging YouTube. With 250,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and 100,000+ email list subscribers and growing.

All this took place in only 18 months. What would it mean for your business to be bringing in 200+ leads every day organically? For a business that’s already highly profitable like yours… That will literally double or triple your business in as short as 6-12 months.

No gambling your hard earned money on Facebook Ads. No working on affiliate launches. And no need for blogging or guest posts.

I’m not accepting new students right now because all slots are full. But, you can join the wait-list so I can speak to you once a spot opens up. Apply now to see if you qualify for my YouTube Accelerator program.